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Sydney, the lead singer, is wearing “Savvy Dots” (Style code:RP01J001Y) from SmileSolar mini Series, Noah(RP00J016Y), Jamie(RP00J002Y) and Graham(RP00J005Y) are wearing SmileSolar Series on the screen!! Check out the video on YouTube, Q&Q SmileSolar well matches the happy vibe of the video! Please come and visit the store and enjoy shopping ! June 14, 2016 Q&Q SmileSolar Concept corner in Shinjuku, Tokyo Q&Q SmileSolar Concept corner is now open at a watch store “Move” in Shinjuku, Tokyo.This is the first concept corner in Japan for Q&Q SmileSolar. The Series is currently available for purchase at . From its accessible price point ($40.00) to its easy-to-use and eco-friendly functionality, the name and product truly strive to bring time for everyone.In one of the video’s playful storylines, “Birthday” features Katy Perry as a Princess host at a children’s birthday party.

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