Вариометр digifly vl 100 инструкция

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Anyway, an automatic switching off is set to the treshold of 1.9V, which is the best limit for NiMH and NiCd cells. You can always see on a display an abbreviation of the function name, which is just adjusted. This is a demo-version, which is limited up to 10 flights only. Built digital voltmeter can measure a total voltage of the battery in Volts and a quantum of an energy in a percent. If you use charging NiMH or NiCd cells, you have to remember that this second piece of information (a percentage) seems to be lower. You can calibrate the value of the barometer.Calibration of Barometer It’s radically important to move the instrument to a point of a well known height above sea level (e.g. an elevation point) and to know simultaneously today’s atmospherical pressure recalculated to the sea level. The full version, which allows to export the data to TXT and XLS files, you can order on SkyFly shop pages for the price 12 Euros roughly.Conclusion Even if Digifly company has been working since 1989, Digifly instruments quickly start to appear on Czech hills only presently.

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